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The Benefits of Cordyceps

Tennis Court - representing Cordyceps boosting energy

The interesting thing about natural ingredients is the associations that people make – many of which are enhanced by marketing trends from the past which cause consumers to link mushrooms with hallucinogens and herbs with night-time teas.

If, for example, we told you first off, that Cordyceps were mushrooms, what would your initial thoughts be? 

Would you immediately consider the fungi to be a beneficial productive ingredient with the power to fight the signs of aging and increase your energy levels, or does your mind immediately connect fungi to being a “fun guy” (… if you know what we mean!)

You won’t be surprised to learn that the former facts are true of this particular fungi – but what else makes Cordyceps such a powerhouse ingredient in the wellness sector?

Cordyceps as a supplement

Before we dive into the benefits of Cordyceps as a supplement, it’s important to note that every individual responds to these natural ingredients differently, and that while we can hint at the potential benefits and uses you may experience, nothing is concrete or guaranteed.

Supplements are designed to facilitate health and wellbeing in a way which is accessible and delicious – and so while you may not experience all the benefits listed alongside every ingredient that we spotlight and share, the overall impact that each will have on your health is positive. 

With that said, let’s get to it. 

The Benefits of Cordyceps

Enhanced athletic performance

Arguably the most common benefit that is linked to Cordyceps is the increase in athletic performance among those who ingest the ingredient, with prolonged ingestion of a Cordyceps supplement seeming to increase oxygen intake among young athletes. In addition, it is believed that Cordyceps increases the efficiency of energy being delivered to the muscles, essentially improving the way the body reacts to intense exercise – while also enhancing the body’s ability to recover quickly. 


A known antioxidant, Cordyceps is linked with anti-aging as well as reduced fatigue and improved strength – essentially connecting Cordyceps with many of the factors that consumers of all ages look for in a wellness supplement. In addition, Cordyceps has presented potential links with improved memory and even enhanced sexual function and libido.


Cordyceps is believed to help fight inflammation in the result of a wound or injury, thus supporting the body as it recovers through both topical application and as a wellness supplement. There are many benefits that this could ignite beyond mere anti-inflammatory properties, including a potential benefit for asthma sufferers and those suffering from chronic pain and sports injuries.

Enhanced immunity

This is another benefit which is often thrown around by supplement and healthcare brands, with little regard for what it actually means. In this instance, Cordyceps is believed to stimulate the body’s oxygen flow and thus improve recovery, while also injecting more energy into the body’s natural functions including the immune system.

Implementing Cordyceps into your daily routine

Feel Güd Cordyceps Gummies - Mushroom Gummies

Earlier in this piece we talked a little about the consumer attitudes to natural ingredients like Cordyceps. Now, we would be the first to admit that Cordyceps as a fungus is not particularly glamorous – nor does it do itself any favours in terms of its natural look and structure. 

Perhaps worst of all though is the belief and insistence that you have to keep these ingredients in their natural format in order to benefit from them. Not only is this untrue but it can result in overconsumption amongst consumers who believe they must maximise their intake to benefit – where really, a small amount will do.
That’s where products like ours come in. Combining all of those benefits into a single dose gummy, we make it easier than ever to access the anti-aging properties, the boost in immunity, and the enhanced athletic performance, without overdoing it. Best of all, our gummy doesn’t taste like mushroom, instead presenting a pleasant raspberry flavour that, we have been told, is good enough to rival even the top brands of sweets. 
Check out the product page to learn more about our Mushroom Gummies containing Cordyceps and look out for more blogs highlighting the benefits of our star ingredients, like our 6 Mane Benefits of Lion's Mane Blog.