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"I didn't expect these to work right away but they did, I take two a day and feel like myself again. No more constant anxiety over the smallest things, no more waking up at 3am for hours. I have my life back, thank you."

- Helen
"I'm loving the mushroom gummies, they're helping me maintain focus and vitality and they taste so good! I think from a value for money perspective these are probably the best way to get the goodness from the many types of mushrooms they contain. Highly recommended!"

- Craig
"I’m on my second order and after seeking some advice about dosage I can feel the difference. Really noticing the sharp edge taken off my feeling of anxiety and tension. Easy to order and super quick replies to enquiries"

- Sophie
"I have tried lots of different mushroom companies with varying results but honestly feel Gud has been the best. I like taking the gummies instead of pills and powders they feel like a little treat and I have definitely felt the benefits.I will be ordering again"

- Rob
"On my second pot of these gummies now and have just took out a monthly subscription as feel they are beneficial in helping my feelings of anxiety whilst I'm going through the perimenopause. (They taste good too)!"

- Teresa
Helping you feel güd every day!         Helping you feel güd every day!       Helping you feel güd every day!       Helping you feel güd every day!       Helping you feel güd every day!       Helping you feel güd every day!       Helping you feel güd every day!

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