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5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep | Our Feel Güd Sleep Tips

Bedroom in relaxed sunlight
Sleep is one of those routine parts of life that many of us don’t even think about – yet it can make or break our physical health, our mental wellbeing, and our overall mood.
If you’re anything like us, sleep is something you know you should be placing higher emphasis on, yet it is often overlooked in favour of late-night scrolling, binge watching TV dramas, and staying up late working.
But the fact is, those of us who skimp on sleep in favour of other activities and lifestyle choices could be doing more harm than we think – not just exacerbating our irritable mood by adding tiredness to the mix, but also impacting the immune system, your sex drive, your mental capacity, and your looks.
Luckily, here at Feel Güd HQ, we’ve got your back. But before we dive into a selection of expert tips on how to improve your sleep, let’s first consider the impact of not getting enough shut eye.

What happens when you don’t get enough sleep?

There are a number of factors connected with sleep – the first is the length of time that you sleep for, and the second is the depth of that sleep.
Without an adequate duration or length of sleep, your body can lose some of its vital immune responses, leaving you open to increased sickness. You will also find that your body feels tired and weak, that you are unable to think and remember things properly, and that your mood is much worse.
If the sleep you do get isn’t deep or restful enough, your brain does not receive adequate time to rest and recuperate – which can also impact your mental capacity and mood, as well as your physical health and overall wellbeing. You can find out more about the specifics of the sleep cycle here, as part of a deeper understanding of the importance of proper rest.
But now, for the tips we promised you.

Tips to improve your sleep

Getting enough sleep is about both sleeping for longer and achieving the proper sleep cycle – composed of both light rest and proper deep sleep.
Here are a few tips to ensure that you can focus on your sleep hygiene for your own physical and mental benefits…

1. Establish a good routine

Effective sleep hygiene is all about having a routine that you can follow. Spoiler alert: it’s no good promising yourself that you’ll be in bed by 10pm every night if you then lie awake for hours scrolling on your phone, or give up on your new routine a few days in. Sleep hygiene means setting up a routine that you can follow effectively – including both the time you go to bed each night and the time you get up each morning.

2. Focus on your environment

We all have our own preferences when it comes to the perfect sleep environment, but generally a cool and dark room are cited as priorities by those seeking the perfect night’s sleep. Creating this ideal environment for your own rest is crucial and can have a huge and lasting impact on both the length and quality of sleep.

3. Consider Ashwagandha before bed

Here at Feel Güd there’s nothing we love more than a good, restful night’s sleep – which is why one of our two spotlight gummies currently available is centred on achieving optimum rest and relaxation. Our Ashwagandha gummies are great for optimising sleep (among other benefits) and can make your night’s more restful by alleviating anxiety and making you feel güd.

4. Say good night to electronics

If you’re a serial scroller, then consider THIS a sign that it’s time to put your phone or tablet down (although maybe wait until you’ve finished this blog before you do…).
Scrolling and spending time on electronics before bed can stimulate your brain and make it harder for you to relax and fall asleep – not to mention the buzz of notifications and the light-up screen can impact your quality of sleep throughout the night. If you can, put your phone and other devices in another room or at least on the other side of your bedroom, to help facilitate better sleep.

5. Focus on your health and wellbeing in other areas

This is where we consider the benefits of things like exercise, mindfulness, stress relieving supplements, and other lifestyle choices and products.
The fact is that sleep is better and more restful when you take the time to focus on other areas of your routine and wellbeing. Exercising your body, relaxing your mind, and taking supplements which help to direct your focus can all contribute towards a more restful night’s sleep at the end of each day.
As you build a good routine, work out the best time for you to exercise, look into Feel Güd’s Mushroom Gummies for everyday productivity benefits, and implement mindfulness techniques into your downtime and rest to promote better sleep.

The impact of good sleep

A good night’s sleep can transform your attitude, energy levels, and health during the daytime – and with these five tips, it couldn’t be easier to adjust your routine and achieve better, more restful sleep.
If you haven’t already tried our Mushroom and Ashwagandha gummies, these are available via our subscription service or as one-off purchases on the Store page of our website – or why not check out our other blogs for other unexpected benefits of these wonder products.