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A Nutritionist's Review: Feel Güd's Mushroom Gummies

Kristen Stavridis, a trusted BSc (Hons) Nutritionist
by Kristen Stavridis Nutritionist BSc (Hons)

A review of Feel Gud’s mushroom gummies By Kristen Stavridis Nutritionist BSc (Hons)

If you are someone who keeps up with any of the latest trends in the health world, you will most likely have seen the excitement around the concepts of mushroom blends and supplements, and their benefits. Mushrooms have of course been around for a long time - around 800 million years or more to be precise, but their health benefits and just how powerful they can be in helping an array of things such as gut health, focus, immunity and skin, are taking the western world by storm.

2021 was the first time I had ever heard about the benefits of different mushrooms and I was absolutely blown away. As a nutritionist, I am very cautious with “hype” around various supplements and superfoods, but the more I looked into and researched just how powerful these different mushrooms could be for us, the more excited I became. I have been using various different mushroom blends containing chaga, lions mane, reishi and tremella ever since and can tell you that the benefits I have felt have been nothing short of life changing.

Mushrooms are something I recommend to almost everyone to add into their daily routine, however some people may struggle with the taste or find adding in a mushroom powder a little too tricky on busy days when they are on the go. For this reason, an easy to take supplement that tastes good like Feel Güd’s mushroom gummies are the perfect solution and something I have really enjoyed taking each day as a busy nutritionist on the go.

Kristen Stavridis, a trusted BSc (Hons) Nutritionist

Feel Güd gummies are formulated by nutritionists (which makes them even better if I say so myself!), and each serving contains 2,800mg of Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps & Chaga. Lion’s Mane mushroom is amazing for focus and concentration, Reishi has amazing benefits for sleep, mood and stress, Cordyceps is known for boosting energy and improving exercise performance, and Chaga mushrooms have amazing properties to help boosting mood and supporting immune function.

When pairing all of these mushrooms together in Feel Güd’s gummies you get a superhero supplement that helps you feel amazing for hours throughout the day.

What I loved about these gummies was the great taste (which is great for fussy eaters), and how easy they were to add into my routine. I didn’t need to blend them up into a tea or coffee, no water needed and just the ability to grab one out of the bottle and go ahead with my day made adding them into my daily routine an easy to stick to habit.

Another great benefit of the gummies that I loved in particular was that they were caffeine free. In many other leading mushroom supplements on the market, the mushrooms are mixed in with a coffee blend or another caffeine containing mixture which can actually cancel out some of the benefits and overpower the benefits of the lion’s mane in particular.

If you are looking to start adding mushrooms into your health routine, then Feel Güd’s mushroom gummies are a great place to start. They’re third party tested for impurities (extremely important when it comes to supplements), they taste amazing and use natural raspberry flavouring, and not to mention have really helped me feel focused, energised and clear after a few days of taking them twice daily.

If you’re looking for a nutritionist approved supplement to add into your life each day, these are definitely not one you want to miss out on.

Have a güd day!

Kristen x


Written by Kristen Stavridis Nutritionist BSc (Hons) 

Instagram @nutritionistkristen

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