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From Farm to Gummy: Where Do Our Mushrooms Come From?

Mushroom gummies

Once upon a time…

Actually, scratch that. This is so much more than just a story. 

(Although it does have some of the hallmarks of a good fairytale!)

For one thing, it really does start in a faraway land; and there really are a team of happy farmers who work in the fields every day to produce the magical, medicinal product. Who knows, maybe they even whistle as they work… we’ll be sure to ask them next time we visit! 

But beyond that, there’s so much more to the creation of our mushroom gummies than you would think. Which is why we’ve created this blog, to highlight the extraordinary work of our partner farmers who work around the clock – and all through the year - to cultivate and nurture the mushrooms that produce our coveted gummies.

The Cultivation Process

Our mushroom gummies start life at the hands of experienced farmers, in some of the world’s most beautiful unspoilt natural area. 

Mushrooms require very specific conditions in which to grow, which are found in the Chinese uplands. Working with experienced cooperation partners who grow our mushrooms using both conventional and organic methods, we source the very best produce which matches our quality standards.

So, why South Asia? Well, the cultivation methods of our selected mushrooms actually originate in Southern Asia, with mushrooms having grown successfully for over 1,000 years in the province of Fujian in China. Using a blend of wood and soil growing environments, surrounded by the optimum climate, high nutrient content of the cultivation material, and the experience of the farmers, we are proud to use the finest mushrooms packed with nutrients and goodness. 

How do we know how good it is? Because our supplier team regularly visit the growing regions to learn more about the process, the conditions, and the farmers who we work with! 

Mushroom gummies

From Farm to Processing

All mushrooms are grown in areas which ensure sustainable cultivation away from cities, nurturing them on sites far away from harmful influences from industrial toxins.

What this means is that from picking through to processing, we work hard to dry and store the mushrooms in the best and most effective way – with different mushrooms responding best to different forms of drying. Some prefer direct sunlight, while others require traditional drying facilities. 

Once the drying process is complete, the entire body of each mushroom is ground into a fine powder, using rough chopping followed by several grinding cycles. The ultimate goal of this process is to develop a powder grain with a rating of less than 0.125mm – optimising bioavailability of each and every nutrient in that mushroom.

This is important because of absorption – and the best way to recognise and really understand this is by comparing our exceptionally fine powder with the coarser supplements found in teas and other mushroom products. In short, the finer the powder the better the absorption rate, making our gummies the best product for delivering high level goodness in every gram of mushroom powder.

Mushroom gummies

How Do We Choose our Mushrooms?

We have a number of blogs on our site dedicated to the different mushrooms that we use in our mushroom gummies. But how do the ingredients work together to deliver an optimum hit of goodness and nutrients?

Mushroom powders as developed in the grinding process have a diverse mixture of vitamins, minerals, secondary plant metabolites, and fibres. They also contain very little fat but are highly rated suppliers of minerals and trace elements as used by the body to facilitate nerve function and muscle contraction.

Mushroom powders such as those used in our mushroom gummies are also considered great sources of polysaccharides. The bioavailability and diversity of vitamins and nutrients varies based on the mushrooms used. However, our potent blend of the best mushrooms for both mental and physical wellbeing makes our gummies an unrivalled source of energy and natural goodness for consumers of all ages. 

What Do We Stand For?

Our growers have been committed to their craft for over 40 years. Their mix of professional experience and genuine enthusiasm for the cultivation, growing, and grinding process is what makes it possible for us to bring our gummies to life using the world’s most powerful medicinal mushrooms. 

Right from the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to the quality of our raw materials. We are guided by the principles of transparent tracing of our raw materials, and work with our partners every step of the way from sourcing to picking, processing, and delivery of the end product.

Our mushroom powder is passed onto our chosen partners at accredited German laboratories, who run 3rd party impurity testing. Our gummies are then curated in a leading FSSC22000 certified facility in Europe as per the formula that we have created with our customers in mind.

We know that without the farmers on the ground, Feel Güd would simply be a brand name and a great idea! It all starts somewhere. For us, it’s with the humble mushroom. Try our mushroom gummies today!