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Unlocking the Power of Chaga: Your Ultimate Winter Immunity Solution

A cold window, representing winter. Highlighting the benefits of Chaga mushroom on immunity, a winter superfood.

Why our Mushroom Gummies Trump any Cold and Flu Medication this Winter 

If you’re anything like us, you approach the winter season with extreme caution, a bag full of tissues, and a medicine cabinet full of cold and flu medication and cough sweets.

While winter brings with it the cold and crisp air, pub lunches, and of course the festive season, it is also notoriously bad for our health – and for those without a good immune system, can mean endless colds and sniffles.

A few years ago, we decided enough was enough. Knowing that prevention is always better than a cure, we set about identifying different ways of boosting the immune system using natural ingredients, so that we could arm our bodies to fight off viruses and illnesses, before succumbing to the irritating symptoms.

And that’s when we came across Chaga – what we now call the ultimate immunity mushroom. Fast forward to now, and our mushroom gummies have become a year-round staple for both immunity and other wellness benefits.

Here’s how Chaga made it onto the Feel Güd must-have mushroom list, and why it should be your go-to alternative to cold and flu medication this winter.

What is Chaga?

Chaga mushrooms are the ugly duckling of our mushroom gummies, known for their unattractive appearance (which has sparked a number of alternative names including “black mass” – a result of its resemblance to a lump of burnt charcoal). But like all ugly ducklings, beneath the surface lies a world of opportunity, with Chaga having been used for centuries by communities seeking to boost both their overall health and their immunity. Find out more about the benefits of Chaga here.

But before we talk more about how Chaga boosts immunity once it’s inside the body, there’s one other important point we want you to note about this mushroom.

The antioxidant contents of Chaga mushrooms make renowned fruits like blueberries and even açai berries pale in comparison. The antioxidant contents of Chaga is up to five times more concentrated than in any of these other supposedly antioxidant-rich ingredients, making it the ultimate superfood for your natural health and wellbeing.

How does Chaga Boost Immunity?

Consumed by most as a tea or as a supplement, Chaga has long appeared in traditional medication and has been scientifically linked with a reduction in inflammation as well as an ability to fight harmful viruses and bacteria in the body.

This occurs by stimulating white blood cell activities, which are the body’s own natural defence across harmful bacteria and other viruses like colds and more serious illnesses.

In addition, there are studies which suggest that Chaga regulates the body’s production of chemical messengers known as ‘Cytokines’. By regulating these Cytokines, the immune system becomes more connected, and better able to fight viruses early.

Finally, as Chaga helps to reduce inflammation, it fights the symptoms of common viruses like colds and flu, while also protecting the body from other more serious concerns which can result from inflammation.

To cut a long story short, Chaga is a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to immunity. Despite not being the most attractive mushroom in the mix (trust us – don’t google it!), the benefit it has on the body is wide ranging. And it doesn’t stop at the immune system!

What are the Benefits of Chaga?

Alongside its internal immune-boosting benefits, it’s worth noting a few other benefits of Chaga – as well as the benefits of Chaga as a supporting ingredient in our potent mushroom gummies.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of Chaga, and the high level of antioxidants, also mean that this mushroom is excellent for the skin. Antioxidants are notoriously good for minimising the appearance of wrinkles and reducing free radical damage, not to mention it reduces fine lines and age spots.

And finally, we can’t talk about the benefits of mushrooms without linking back to the mental and psychological benefits of mushroom gummies – not just from the Chaga mushroom but from other ingredients as well. Improved relaxation and sleep is one benefit which is commonly linked with our mushroom gummies, thanks not only to the integration of Chaga but Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi as well.

Improved sleep isn’t just a benefit of its own accord, it also has its own links with improved immunity – as those who get better rest boast better overall wellness and are more likely to be able to fight off viruses and other illnesses.

All in all, it’s not just the Chaga in our gummies which boosts immunity, but a culmination of all the potent ingredients. However, without Chaga, we wouldn’t be able to finally part with our cold and flu medication and truly embrace the winter season in all its virus-free glory!

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