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Brain Fog - What is it? Why it happens? And how to stop it?

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We’ve all experienced the mid-afternoon slump whether it occurs at work, at school, or while we’re tackling household chores and other jobs. Well, brain fog feels a bit like this, only on a deeper level – eclipsing your motivation and drive to get things done, and causing you feel confused, unaware, and sometimes even unsettled.

While not uncommon, brain fog is not something which is easily or readily diagnosed – with individuals expressing different symptoms and reactions according to their lifestyle and any underlying causes.

In this article, we want to battle through the brain fog, if you will, to identify some of the causes, the symptoms to look out for, and how you can combat it.

What is brain fog and how does it feel?

While likened to the mid-afternoon slump in terms of the loss of direction and motivation, it’s important to first note that brain fog does not occur at set times and is characterised by a host of cognitive symptoms.

It is generally most commonly linked with a loss of memory and/or concentration and can make even the simplest of tasks more difficult to tackle and navigate. Those who suffer from frequent bouts of brain fog often say that it is like something has changed in their brain, preventing them from accessing certain information and clouding memories and thoughts to create a jumble.

Without an effective means of overcoming brain fog, the symptoms and feelings associated with the condition can incite or exacerbate stress – creating one of those vicious circles where the very symptom of an issue is also a root cause.

How does brain fog occur and what causes it?

If you want to overcome brain fog and identify an active and effective weapon to help you fight its symptoms, then you first need to know how and why it occurs.

Generally, brain fog is caused by the common offenders that are so often linked to cognitive concerns and issues. Stress, a lack of sleep, and poor nutrition are all leading causes of brain fog and its symptoms, while underlying hormonal imbalances and even other health conditions should also be considered for those who lead healthy, active lives.

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The best weapons again brain fog

If stress, a lack of sleep, and bad nutrition are all leading factors in the root cause of brain fog, then it follows that changes made to alleviate these pressures can only have a positive impact for sufferers.

Anything you can do to minimise the stress in your daily life is an excellent first step to take, whether that be setting yourself more of a routine to manage your time and commitments or integrating a stress relieving supplement like our Feel Güd Mushroom Gummies into your day. Packed with 700mg of Lion’s Mane, a known powerhouse in the fight against brain fog, our Mushroom Gummies are a potent and delicious solution which will ignite a world of change from the inside. The combination of cognitive support, focus, and memory boosting, in addition to the overall wellness that comes from the other natural ingredients, makes this a gummy product dedicated to helping you look and feel güd. You can read more about Lion’s Mane on our dedicated blog, or by checking out the reviews on our website – after all, what better way to understand the full benefits than by hearing them directly from happy customers!

If mushrooms aren’t for you (we could make a joke here about “fun-gi’s” but we’ll spare you… this time!), then you could also try our Ashwagandha gummies as an alternative supplement. Made with naturally hormone balancing Ashwagandha, these gummies are ideal for those whose brain fog could be caused by issues a little further below the surface. Menopause could be one explanation for brain fog caused by a hormone imbalance, though a doctor will be able to offer further advice as to what is causing your symptoms.

You deserve to Feel Güd all day

Mid-afternoon slump or not, we’re here to tell you that you deserve to Feel Güd all day. And what better place to start than by adding a bitesize gummy or two to your daily routine.

Having developed our two leading gummies based on challenges faced by everyday people, including ourselves, we have found that brain fog is not only helped by significantly minimised when you start taking care of yourself from the inside, out.

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