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Does ashwagandha help with anxiety?

Yes, ashwagandha root acts as a cortisol (the stress hormone) blocker. It's been seen in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials where participants had an average reduction in cortisol levels of 27.9% and a lowering of mild depression and anxiety of 71.6% over 8 weeks.


Sunset on the lake to represent the calming effects of ashwagandha on anxiety

Anxiety is something that many of us experience, some on a reactive level while others find themselves living with the challenges of underlying anxiety on a daily basis. How you deal with anxiety can differ depending on the severity of your symptoms and the level of stressors in your everyday life – however, the main options available include medical intervention, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies.

Ashwagandha is one option which falls into the latter category – with the herb not only countering the rise in anxiety caused by spikes in the body’s cortisol levels, but also leading to more restful sleep. This two pronged approach to anxiety relief is nothing new; in fact, Ashwagandha has been used to improve wellbeing and counter anxiety for centuries, in communities around the world.

What is new, however, is the way that ashwagandha can be used and implemented into your daily routine – through Feel Güd gummies and other natural supplements.

But before we dive into the heart of Ashwagandha as an innovative ingredient in our latest line of anxiety-relieving gummies, you might be wondering how exactly we can make these claims – and what leads us to believe that this particular root can work such magic on our mental wellbeing.

Here’s a Feel Güd, foolproof guide to Ashwagandha.

What is Ashwagandha?

If you’ve been following us for a while or have read our previous posts on the different mushrooms that we use in our leading Mushroom Gummies, then you will know that we love an ugly duckling ingredient here at Feel Güd.

And Ashwagandha is no different. You see, far from using the bright green leaves of the herby plant, the real power lies in the root – which is crushed and extracted into a variety of formats for medicinal use. (Proof that it really is what’s on the inside that counts!)

The Benefits of Ashwagandha

In order to understand the benefits of Ashwagandha, we need to take a closer look at what happens when you consume the root. When you ingest Ashwagandha, your body’s natural response to stress is quickly decreased. Or should we say, the stress hormone that your body produces as its own response to stress is blocked by the root, literally halting that bubbling stress in its tracks. This is because the root is responsible for blocking the cortisol receptors, which when left unchecked can cause a high stress response to a specific situation or trigger.

Those who have lived with or are familiar with anxiety will know that increased levels of stress are a major player in heightening the symptoms of anxiety - not to mention high levels of stress can contribute towards a plethora of other issues. Thus, anything which counters and decreases the body’s response to stress has an inevitably positive effect on anxiety as well.

And that’s not all. By lowering the body’s cortisol levels, Ashwagandha also helps the body to fight against fatigue and brain fog and facilitates much better rest and sleep. Again, we likely don’t have to say that better sleep can only be a good thing for those who suffer from all degrees of anxiety and stress.

In short, Ashwagandha plays a role in both the body’s response to stressful situations, as well as your underlying health and mental wellbeing. That’s why, when it comes to Ashwagandha products and specifically our Feel Güd gummies, you don’t need to save your stock for stressful days and periods of high anxiety – rather, this is something you can safely take everyday to keep yourself in good health.  

How is Ashwagandha administered as a remedy for anxiety and stress?

In an effort to make our stress-relieving gummy as stress-free as possible to integrate into your routine, our Feel Güd gummies combine a great taste with the perfect levels of natural ingredients to pack a punch. The benefits of Ashwagandha are best felt when you ingest the superfood regularly – with our gummies carefully designed to make administering to your own mental wellbeing both easy and enjoyable.

So, are you sold? If not, don’t worry – we’ve got a few more benefits of Ashwagandha to discuss which extend beyond controlling your body’s direct response to stress.

What else can our Ashwagandha gummies do to improve your health and wellbeing?

As well as the positive effect of Ashwagandha on stress and anxiety, by minimising the body’s cortisol levels and thus countering the natural reaction to stress, Ashwagandha can improve sleep and relaxation, help to prevent memory loss by improving cognitive function, and help to regulate blood sugar levels, leading to better overall health.

While it is impossible for us to guarantee or promise specific results when taking our gummies, in the case of Ashwagandha the reviews really do speak for themselves. Head to our reviews page to find out exactly what people think of these gummies, and the impact that Feel Güd Ashwagandha Gummies can and do have just days into the very first pack.

And if you’ve already tried Ashwagandha, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know by getting in touch directly.