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Spooky Season: The Scary Truth of Stress

Spooky staircase - showing that ashwagandha helps fight stress. Stress Gummies.

Spooky Season: The Scary Truth of Stress

Calling all those lacking Halloween costume ideas for this year; we’ve got a brand new, unique, and completely unexpected idea for you…

Did you ever think about dressing up as stress itself?

Presenting itself in a multitude of different ways, stress means something different to different people. For some it’s a physical emotion underpinned by fatigue. For others, it’s all in the mind, impacting their reactions and responses and making it difficult to relax. For others still, stress is a bit of everything and completely takes over, leaving them unable to redress the balance in their life.

What does that mean in costume form? Well, for us stress is a chaotic kind of feeling which sparks a flood of uninvited feelings – and can make everyday tasks feel near impossible at times. How you manifest that into a physical costume is completely up to you – because for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to be the ghostbusters (or, “stressbusters”, if you will).

It’s time to combat stress at the root of the issue, using the only weapon we have in our armory: our Ashwagandha gummies.

Who will win the battle? We’ll let you decide…

The impact of stress on your body

Stress doesn’t just make us feel on edge and irritable – it also has a physical impact on our body which manifests itself as intense emotional and physical burnout if the symptoms are not effectively managed.

When you feel stressed, often with a specific trigger (although not all stress has a direct trigger as well go on to discuss later in this blog), your body releases high levels of a hormone called adrenaline. Now, sometimes adrenaline can be a good thing and can give us the energy boost we need to get something done or to overcome a fear – for example, when facing a sporting challenge or intense activity.

However, when these levels of adrenaline are constantly increasing and then dropping, it can lead to exhaustion and emotional upheaval – not to mention headaches and dizziness, stomach cramps, and even skin reactions in some individuals. Stress can also cause high blood pressure and chest pains, as well as changes in behaviour.

One of the most challenging things about managing stress is that you don’t know how it will affect you. Everyone has different tolerances, and what causes high levels of stress for one person, could be completely normal for another. This is why it’s so important to recognise the value of a good balance between work and normal life – with more on this, and how to create the right balance for you, in the tips section of this blog below.

First though, what actually causes stress?

What causes stress

Well, the answer is, unfortunately, rather open-ended. Stress is caused by different things, and manifests itself in different ways, making it difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to pinpoint in terms of a cause.

For the most part, stress is caused by a rise in demands and a lack of personal resources to deal with the challenges ahead of us. There are some parts of life which are considered naturally stressful, such as moving house, starting a family, experiencing financial difficulties, and managing grief. But stress can just as easily be caused by underlying mental health problems, by genetics, and by loneliness.

Work is another area of life which can cause great stress, particularly when we don’t achieve the right balance of work and our personal lives. The Covid-19 pandemic and the switch to working from home meant that many of us suddenly brought work home and found access to the office in the comfort of our own homes. This, combined with everyday job stress, increased the levels of work-related stress tenfold – and is one of the reasons why we were so intent on creating a stress relieving gummy as part of the Feel Güd range.

There are tons of resources out there that can help you to redress your own balance between work and everyday life, including adding some habits to your routine which encourage you to switch off from work and separate it from the pulls of your personal life.

Tips for alleviating stress and managing the symptoms

Despite being considered a mental health condition, stress manifests in a number of physical ways – making treatment extremely difficult.

That’s why most of the advice around managing and alleviating stress is more about controlling the symptoms than it is solving the issue. Our Ashwagandha gummies combine a potent selection of natural ingredients which reduce the body’s own levels of cortisol for stress relief and help to balance your hormones for enhanced stability. It also facilitates better sleep and makes it easier for you to switch off at the end of the day, improving the quality of sleep as well as your mood.

Ashwagandha is the Feel Güd gummy that we recommend taking to end your day – and you never know, it even has links with a boost in libido, which one could argue promotes another very effective form of stress relief… we’ll let you decide the success rate of that one for yourselves!

Other things you can do to alleviate stress and manage the main symptoms include:

- Taking steps to separate your work and relaxation spaces
- Factoring regular breaks into your work day
- Segmenting big tasks into small chunks of activity, to make them feel more manageable
- Introducing breathing exercises to your daily routine
- Practising gratitude and other positive thinking exercises
- Opening up. You’d be amazed at how much talking to someone else can help

    Our Ashwagandha gummies are popular among consumers of all ages and can help to promote better relaxation as well as effective management of common stress symptoms – though the effects and results are different for everyone.

    If you’re experiencing high levels of stress, whether as a one-off or as part of a chronic and ongoing condition, then it is always recommended that you seek medical advice as well as exploring your own solutions.

    Want to learn more about Ashwagandha? Read the 6 Benefits of Ashwagandha.




    Calling all those lacking Halloween costume ideas for this year; we’ve got a brand new, unique, and completely unexpected idea for you…

    Did you ever think about dressing up as stress itself?

    Stress manifests in a multitude of ways for different people. For some, it’s a physical sensation, often linked with fatigue. For others, it affects their mental state, influencing their reactions and making relaxation difficult. For some, stress encompasses both physical and mental aspects, overwhelming them completely.

    Well, for us stress is a chaotic kind of feeling which sparks a flood of uninvited feelings – and can make everyday tasks feel near impossible at times. How you manifest that into a Halloween costume is completely up to you – but for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to be the ghostbusters (or, “stressbusters”, if you will).

    The Battle Against Stress

    Stress doesn’t just affect our emotions; it has physical repercussions too, leading to intense burnout if not managed properly.

    How Stress Affects the Body

    When stressed, our bodies release high levels of adrenaline. While adrenaline can be beneficial in short bursts, continuous fluctuations can lead to exhaustion, headaches, dizziness, stomach issues, skin reactions, high blood pressure, and behavioral changes.

    Managing stress is challenging because it affects everyone differently. What is stressful for one person might be manageable for another. Achieving a balance between work and personal life is crucial, with tips on how to achieve this balance provided below.

    Understanding the Causes of Stress

    Stress can arise from various sources and manifests in different ways, making it difficult to diagnose. Common stressors include increased demands, lack of resources, life changes, mental health issues, genetics, and loneliness. Work stress, especially heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic and remote working, is also significant.

    Tips for Alleviating Stress and Managing Symptoms

    Managing stress involves controlling symptoms rather than solving the issue itself. Our Ashwagandha gummies, containing natural ingredients, help reduce cortisol levels, balance hormones, improve sleep quality, and enhance mood.

    Ashwagandha, found in our Feel Güd range, is recommended for ending your day. It may also boost libido, offering another form of stress relief.

    Additional Stress Management Techniques

    • Separate work and relaxation spaces

    • Take regular breaks during the workday

    • Break large tasks into smaller, manageable activities

    • Incorporate breathing exercises into your routine

    • Practice gratitude and positive thinking exercises

    • Open up to someone; talking can be very therapeutic

    Our Ashwagandha gummies are popular across all ages and aid in relaxation and stress symptom management. However, effects vary among individuals.

    If experiencing high stress levels, whether occasionally or chronically, seeking medical advice is recommended alongside exploring personal solutions.

    For more information on Ashwagandha, read The 5 Potential Benefits of Ashwagandha.




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